Deletion passwords

Deletion passwords are stored in plain text and are not meant to be secure. If you wish to make sure you can't be tracked without your ip, do not provide a deletion password when posting.


Every posting has its IP recorded.
The first half of the ip can be seen by the global staff and board staff. Ex: "" will be displayed as "1.2" to both global and board staff where the post was made.

A hashed and salted version of the ip will also be available for the same people mentioned on the previous item. The salt is randomly generated for boards and is not available for anyone without direct access to the database.
However, root users are able to see the actual ip of the user and potentially enable for any member of the global staff to see clear ips too. In this instance, only root users are allowed to see real ips.

If enabled by the board owner, a thread-wise id will be displayed on the post. This thread-wise id uses a randomly generated salt to the thread, allowing for everyone to identify postings from the same ip in a thread.
The thread salt is as private as the board salt and is not based on the board salt.
Conclusion: the staff can identify the same user inside a board, ids allows anyone to identify the same user inside a thread, the sysadmin has access to all ips used to post on the whole site, root users can also see that and can enable other global staff member to access them.


Cookies are only required for using the block bypass or a moderation account and are not associated in any shape or form to your posts.

Javascript does not link any external resources and do not require the user to run javascript at all.